The Iraqi Higher Judicial Council said a criminal court in Nineveh has sentenced four militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) to death. The council’s spokesman on Sunday said they were sentenced for carrying out “terror acts.” One of the militants was responsible for recruiting fighters for the group before capturing Mosul and The other three were members of the Islamic Police.”

Over in Sinjar, The Kurdistan Workers’ Party or (PKK) has declared so-called “democratic autonomy” in the Yezidi city. In a statement released by the PKK on Sunday, the PKK-founded Democratic Autonomous Assembly in Sinjar said the powers ruling the area prevented Yezidis from exercising their rights. According to the report, the PKK’s Ezidixan People’s Council will negotiate with the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Region for future “autonomy.”

Lastly, Turkish authorities in the Kurdish cities of Batman and Van recently banned a series of conferences several parties were planning to hold on the upcoming Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum. The Ankara-appointed governorates of both provinces cited state of emergency laws against meetings, walks and other forms of conventions or protests.