Yazidis in Turkey face new fear. Authorities at a Turkish government-run refugee camp in the Kurdish province of Mardin have recently ordered four Yazidi men from Shingal to leave. The reason authorities gave the four men for not allowing them to stay was their lack of a residence permit. There are thousands of Yazidis in camps in Turkey, raising fears the government might relocate them or ask them to leave.

Another minority suffers at the border as many as 144 Kurdish porters have been killed and wounded in the last seven months. The majority were shot dead by Iranian security forces. A total of 21 Kurdish kolbars were injured or killed in a one-month period near the Iranian border as Iranian security forces opened fire on them. Nearly 47 Kurdish porters have died in a seven-month period, 24 of whom were shot dead by Iranian security forces.

Lastly, Saudi authorities are investigating a case of animal cruelty after a video surfaced online showing a man shooting and killing cats in Jeddah. The Saudi government and security forces said they are looking for the wanted man. A Snapchat video showed him using a rifle to shoot cats in neighbourhood areas. It prompted online anger with tens of thousands calling for the “cat butcher” to be held to account.