Better check your wardrobe before going to Turkey. Turkish security forces are continuing to round up people for wearing shirts bearing the word “hero,” almost two weeks after a former soldier wearing a shirt with the word on it appeared in court facing charges of connections to last summer’s failed military coup. It was reported on Sunday that a college student in the northwest was taken into custody after wearing a T-shirt that read “Part time hero.” More than 20 people have been detained by Turkish security forces for wearing a white T-shirt with the word “HERO.”

Meanwhile in Kurdistan, a civil activist was detained in Kalar district south of Sulaimani over charges of defaming the Garmyan administration. According to the head of Garmyan Administration Press and Relations, Chalak Najim attacked and defamed the Garmyan administration in a radio program. The Kurdish activist was detained in a court order and an investigation has begun.

Lastly, according to the head of the Referendum High Council, several international observers have expressed a readiness to observe the upcoming referendum on independence for the Kurdistan Region. An organization called COD has met with the commission and plans to bring international observers to oversee the voting process on September 25. The organization will have teams of observers in all the voting stations during the process of the referendum. The head of the commission also said the voting stations would be open to all the international observers who wish to participate.