Don’t you wish you could block some people in real life? Well, seems President Donald Trump has taken it too far. Seven people in the US are suing Trump for blocking them on Twitter. The seven Twitter users involved claim their accounts were blocked by the president, or his aides, after they replied to his tweets with mocking or critical comments. They argue that blocking them on the public forum is an attempt to violate their freedom of speech.

If a jihadist dies in the desert but no one knows, is he really dead? Well despite reports from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the US-led anti-IS coalition cannot confirm whether leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead or alive. The rights group said it had “confirmed information” that the ISIS leader had been killed on Tuesday, but added that it was unable to independently confirm the information. His whereabouts have been unknown for quite some time but rumors are that he was somewhere either in Mosul or somewhere in between Iraq and Syria.

Lastly, say what you want about the Vogue star, but Madonna has her heart in the right place. The singer opened a new children’s hospital in Malawi, a new center named after her adopted daughter Mercy James. Madonna attended the opening of the pediatric hospital, which will also provide training for future doctors and for that, we salute her.