Kim Jong-Un does not like to be ignored. US military officials have said North Korea has fired an intermediate range missile in the direction of Japan on Tuesday morning. The land-based missile was fired from near Panghyon airfield, and flew for 37 minutes before landing in the Sea of Japan. Pyongyang has increased the frequency of its nuclear and missile tests in recent months, raising tensions but the US maintains the missile did not pose a threat to North America.

Knock knock, who’s there? It’s the US-backed Syrian forces. SDF fighters have breached the wall of Raqqa’s Old City as they try to retake the town from the Islamic State. The US says the coalition helped the advance of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) by firing on two sections of the historic Rafiqah Wall. The SDF, supported by US-led coalition air strikes, has spent months encircling the city and the estimated 4,000 fighters still defending it.

Lastly, it’s already a bumpy ride for French President Emmanuel Macron as a man has been charged with plotting the former’s assassination. The plan was to kill the French President on Bastille Day during US President Donald Trump’s visit to France. A 23-year-old self-described far right nationalist suspect has been arrested. Security forces remain on high alert as last year’s Bastille Day saw 86 people killed in a truck attack during festivities in Nice.