It’s a Ramadan nightmare. One child has died and some 800 internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Mosul in Hassansham U2 camp suffer from food poisoning after a charity delivered food from an Erbil restaurant.  Monday evening, a Qatari charity organization brought Iftar dinner for 2,000 IDPs breaking their Ramadan fast in the camp. The meals were brought from a restaurant in Erbil. Most of those affected were children and elderly, who suffered from vomiting and stomachache. The most severe cases were taken to hospitals in Erbil and Khabat.

Another awkward international breakup as Panama has cut long-standing diplomatic ties with Taiwan to establish relations with China instead. The government said it recognized there was “only one China” and that it considers Taiwan part of it. Taiwan expressed “anger and regret” and accused Panama of “bullying”. Now only 20 countries have diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

Lastly, another loss for Trump as a US appeals court has upheld a decision blocking the President’s revised “travel ban” on people from six mainly Muslim nations. Ruling on a case brought by the state of Hawaii, the appeal judges found that the executive order violated existing immigration legislation.   It is a further legal setback for the president’s efforts to get the ban he promised his supporters.