France is on high alert. Police have shot a man who attacked an officer with a hammer outside the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. The man shouted “this is for Syria” during the attack, the interior minister said. Prosecutors have opened a terrorism investigation. The suspect was wounded in the chest when another policeman opened fire. Hundreds of people were in the cathedral at the time.

Never a day out of the news for Turkey as the US Congress has called for criminal charges against those involved in a fight outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence in Washington DC last month. Its resolution blamed the bodyguards working for Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying they had beaten up Kurdish protesters. Eleven people were injured.

Can you guess which football club is worth the most money? Well, it might have been a stellar season for Real Madrid after winning La Liga and the Champions League, but the Spanish club isn’t the winner this time. Manchester United is now officially the world’s most valuable football club, taking Real’s spot at the top of the Forbes annual rich list for the first time in five years.   The club is valued at $3.69 billion despite its sixth place finish in the Premier League.