Another deadly accident as a Turkish military helicopter with 13 soldiers and officers on board crashed on Wednesday near Turkey’s border with Iraq. All 13 individuals on board were killed as a result of the crash according to the Turkish military. The accident occurred after the helicopter was caught in a high voltage power line three minutes after it took off from a base in Sirnak province.

Over in the Kurdistan Region, the former leader of the Iraqi Communist Party passed away in Erbil at the age of 92. Aziz Mohammed, a Kurd and veteran Peshmerga, joined the Iraqi Communist Party in 1946. He also played a role in Kurdish liberation movements and participated in building democracy in Kurdistan after the 1991 uprising.

Lastly, Lebanon has banned superhero blockbuster Wonder Woman from cinemas, because the title character is played by an Israeli actress. Gal Gadot was formerly in the Israeli army as military service is compulsory. The Lebanese interior ministry banned the film hours before its release, on a recommendation from the General Security directorate.