President Donald Trump revealed highly classified information about so-called Islamic State (IS) to Russia’s foreign minister, according to sources. Mr Trump received Sergei Lavrov in the Oval Office last week. The discussion was about an IS plot and he reportedly went “off-script”. The intelligence disclosed came from a US ally, information considered too sensitive to share with other US allies, the papers report.

Over in Kurdistan, an on duty police officer was shot dead in Erbil on Monday and another two wounded. The perpetrator behind the killing of the officer remains at large. A source said the man whose father was being arrested opened fire on the police officers while arresting a doctor without elaborating on why the doctor was being arrested.

Finally, Oil prices have risen more than 3% after Saudi Arabia and Russia said a deal to cut production should be extended until March next year. A barrel of Brent Crude jumped to $52.52 following a meeting in China between the two countries. However, the US is not included and its high output could undermine efforts.