Two days after the French elections, South Koreans are now heading to the polls in a presidential election, called early after a huge corruption scandal brought down their former leader. Left-leaning Moon Jae-in is the clear front-runner with the centrist candidate as his nearest challenger. The election is being closely watched at a time of economic uncertainty and heightened tensions with North Korea.

Over in the Kurdistan Region, debts owed to oil companies have decreased by 25 percent as the region has paid back an estimated $1 billion to oil companies over the past eight months. Dr. Aras Khoshnaw head of the Kurdistan Strategic Investigation and Information Center said the loans the Kurdistan Regional Government had borrowed from the oil companies since 2014 have been reduced from $4 billion to just $3 billion. The payments have encouraged companies who had oil agreements with the KRG to return and resume their work in oil fields.

Lastly, publishers announced on Monday that Former-president Bill Clinton is writing a novel about the White House. The President Is Missing is being written in collaboration with James Patterson, believed to be the world’s best-selling living author. The publishers say the book will be “informed by details that only a President can know”. The book, which is Mr Clinton’s first novel, will be released in June 2018.