French voters are to choose their next president after an unpredictable campaign that has divided the country. The second round contest pits centrist Emmanuel Macron, a 39-year-old former investment banker, against the far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen, 48. Citizens in some overseas territories and many French expats abroad have begun voting. The polls open in metropolitan France at 08:00 am local time and close at 19:00 Sunday.

Over in Syria, relative calm prevailed Saturday despite sporadic violations and clashes after a deal to set up “de-escalation zones” in mostly opposition-held areas went into effect. There were no immediate reports of casualties after the plan hammered out by Russia, Turkey and Iran — the latest attempt to bring calm to the country — kicked in at midnight Friday. The United States is not party to the agreement and the Syrian rivals have not signed on to the deal. The armed opposition, instead, was highly critical of the proposal, saying it lacks legitimacy.

Finally, barely a month after Kendall Jenner appeared in a Pepsi commercial that was taken down due to a severe backlash, is again at the center of controversy. Vogue India has been blasted online for its decision to feature Jenner, a white American, instead of an Indian model on the cover of its 10th anniversary issue. Many people have said it’s yet another example of a missed opportunity to celebrate women of color.