The US has expressed “deep concern” at Turkish air strikes that killed about two dozen Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq. The US-backed Popular Protection Units (YPG), fighting against IS, said their positions were hit multiple times. A woman addressing visiting US forces described Syrian Kurds as “mothers of martyrs”

Turkey will resume its military operations in Iraq’s Sinjar and northern Syria “until the last terrorist is eliminated,” Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday.  In an interview with Reuters, Erdogan said they were obliged to take measures and claimed they had warned the U.S., Russia and Iraq of their plans to carry out the bombings.

Lastly, in attempts to spread a message of hope and peace, Pope Francis recorded his first TED talk where he urged people with power to act humbly, warning that if they did not, power would ruin them, and ruin others. He urged people to overcome the fear that a happy future is “something impossible to achieve”. His talk was aired to the annual TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada.