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Mohammad Basman

Muhammad Basman brought us the news with Babylon Reports from 2019 to 2020! Mo grew up in Mosul. Mo has been in love with English Language since he was little which has led him to to be a graduate from Translation Dept. – University of Mosul.

While studying Mo started his professional journey by being an Interpreter / Translator for various sides mainly in the humanitarian side.
Mo is a fan of trying everything which he believes that will all expand his knowledge and experience, for so, he has been an actor earlier in his college journey and his first debut was when he was a freshman, formally performing a play before the whole college profs, student colleagues and administration after which he got the 1st place winner as the best actor of the event, held in 2013

A sport lover and a language learner who speaks English, Arabic with little French that have studied for 6 years.

Since then, Mo became more interested by expressing himself in various ways and places. Due to so, he was delighted to have himself joint to the lovely Babylon FM family as the News Manger, by March of 2019. With the COVID-19 crisis taking over our lives in March 2020, Muhammad decided to go back to his city of Mosul.