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Galla grew up up in Koya, Kurdistan, until she moved to Erbil at the age of 16. She is kinda half Kurdish and Ukrainian. Since her childhood, the Rawandozi-native began to play instruments, sing, act and draw. Her first professional job was hosting basketball games! Gallo began to also play basketball, leading her school team to championship seasons from 2011 to 2013. After high school, she began to study IT engineering in the university.

Galla made her national television debut in 2016 Miss Kurdistan event, in front of millions of people, performing a various types of dances along with her younger sister, who was the winner of NET TV’s ”To Jawazi.”

The young talent joined Babylon Media as an IT employee first, then moved to the radio department as a sound engineer and producer and she can speak 3 languages Kurdish, English and Arabic. She is a fast learner and she loves to learn and try more and more.  Galla currently also works along with Kurdish superstar Evin Aso on NET TV, she is Co – Director and actress.


Galla worked behind the scene on Babylon FM from 2016 to 2018.