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Gabrielle Renaud

Born in the cold wilderness of Canada, Gabrielle quickly learned to warm up the people around her with a sense of humor that involves many embarrassing situations for herself. A mix between cold and polite Canada and wild, passionate and hot Venezuela, Gabrielle is constantly contradicting herself with a smile on her face. After a failed stint a Vine artist, Gabrielle resigned herself to making hilarious cat videos on Facebook and Snapchat.

Being the typical millennial she is, Gabrielle spends all of her time online, relying on social media for all of her information about international events or celebrity gossip, making her a slightly more entertaining form of journalist than the other more reliable ones. In 2015, she moved from Canada to Erbil which still confuses many people but she feels no need to justify her choices in life, including her taste in music which ranges from Guns n’ Roses to Justin Bieber.

Making friends easily, Gabrielle involves herself in many events and with all members of the community in Erbil. She managed to land a gig with Babylon Media reading the news and occasionally crashing the morning show with Noor on “The Breakfast Club”. More exciting things are to come from this newest addition to the team, or your money back – guaranteed!

Gabrielle provided the news on Babylon FM from March 2017 to July 2018.