Nicki Minaj has controversially decided to keep scenes of Westminster Bridge in her new music video No Frauds despite claims the video would be re-shot following last month’s attack.
March 22nd saw Westminster,London Uk, suffer a terror attack resulting in 5 dead and 50 casualties. Nicki filmed the video the day before the horrific incident, a source told The Sun, shortly after that the Westminster footage wouldn’t make the final cut because it was considered ‘in bad taste’.The source revealed: ‘When everybody involved in the project heard the news they were devastated and thought it would be in bad taste to feature it.

However, when Nicki released the video on April 19, the scenes are included. Nicki has told Vevo it is ‘the best video I’ve ever released.’ Her fans took to twitter to vent wither it was ‘too soon’. With disbelief after hearing the scenes would be edited out. Minaj tweeted a poll asking fans which was their favourite scene, then making the mistake of calling Westminster Bridge London Bridge, and guess what ? The fans noticed and were quick to tweet her high lighting her blunder.