DDe is currently a Radio host, Graphic Designer and producer. Her extensive background of traveling and learning cultures has shaped her in becoming the right person to work in the media industry. DDe has a Jordanian father, a Ukrainian mother and is multilingual. She speaks English, Arabic, Russian and Ukrainian.

DDe’s interest in the media started at an early age, she found joy in entertaining others and studying languages. She learned Arabic when she moved to Jordan from Ukraine but a year later DDe left to United Arab Emirates where she lived in 4 different cities in a span of 8 years. Her interest in Journalism sparked and she developed her professional skills by interviewing local talents, writing articles and studying graphic design.

In 2012, DDe moved to Kurdistan-Iraq where she gained experience by stage hosting while attending school. This led to her getting an offer from Babylon which she accepted after graduation. This was her inspiration to later pursue a degree in Broadcast Journalism in Toronto, Canada.

DDe is not only a traveler, a learner of cultures and a multi-media artist but also an entrepreneur. She is the creator of SlavaPlus, the only Slavic show in the region, as well as The Swap (Fun facts skit) and Midnight Buzz, a show to take live song requests through Snapchat. She is also the host of The Release of the Week and Fresh Jawo.

DDe has come a long way in terms of growing into her passion but remains in touch with her beginnings as she is still a part of Babylon FM and broadcasts her shows from Toronto.

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