Marian Zaito / Editor


Heyy, my name is Marian and I’m 19. I work in Babylon Fm, and I do a little bit of everything here.

I love my job, but I gotta say editing is my favorite part, because you get to be creative with it. The 30 sec jingles/commercials you hear on the radio literally takes a whole day to produce, but it’s all worth it once you hear your piece of art on the radio!



love soccer, tarzan, and music. I diffidently rather have good memorize than materialistic stuff, and that’s why I love travailing the world.

If I had to describe myself I would say I’m creative and hardworking… that’s subjective tho.

I talk 5 languages, Assyrian, Arabic, Kurdish, English, and little bit of French.

I don’t really have one Goal, I get bored of things really easily so my mind is always all over the place and trying to do different things.However my main goal is to be a successful interior designer, and also have a big platform to reach different people so that I could contribute to the society as a young lady.

Ok byeee.

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