Kurdish super star Helly Luv has finally revealed that she’s coming up with her own makeup line which is called Luvión Beauty by HellyLuv.

The star took to Instagram to announce the makeup line saying: “IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! It’s been always my dream to launch my makeup brand and it’s coming very soon, Can’t wait for you guys to see everything, guess what my first product will be?”

In an exclusive statement to Babylon FM Helly said: ” I’ve always loved beauty, even when I was very young I used to always play with my mom’s makeup and end up getting caught.

Even before I open my salon, I’ve always been into the beauty world. People don’t believe it but I always do my own makeup every single day even for my photo shoots, events and red carpets! I’ve been working very silently for a long while, I took my time on my brand to create some unique makeup pieces and to perfect everything because I’m a perfectionist even when it comes to my work and daily life.

Now I can finally say my vision is coming to life. LUVIÓN beauty is a high quality makeup brand  made with love and care and of course it’s cruelty free too!! I wanted my brand to reflect my style which I call natural glam. I made sure my makeup products are your go to for a simple natural day makeup to a glamorous makeup look. I can’t wait for everyone around the world to try my makeup and get creative with it and I promise you guys will be obsessed with it!!”

Helly has been running her own salon called Luvion for 2 years now and is planning to expand her business everywhere so it should come as no surprise that she wanted her own makeup line and we expect nothing but great quality makeup from her.

She has yet to announce the launch date so we are going to have to wait and see!