Lets all together glimpse of the drama..

Sooo, Pusha T’s most recent diss track towards Drake accused the OVO head honcho of hiding a secret child, yes Drakes child! But, Drake has yet to respond to these allegation. However, he’sreportedly supposed to be talking about his alleged child and baby mama on Scorpion. Since then, reports have surfaced that Drake’s been financially supporting both Sophie Brusseux and her child.

When the rumours first surfaced the internet, sources from Drake said she is one of many that are doing the same. Especially when the bbay has blond hair and blue eyes. But there are reports that there will be fertility test.

Sources say Drake’s flown Sophie and Adonis to be with him.Sources say Drake chartered a private jet for them on Christmas. Again, Drake has not publicly acknowledged he’s the dad.

And get this … Adonis was born on October 24.Drake’s birthday. On top of that … they also share the same initials (ADG) and last name, Graham. coincident hmmm.

Did you know Many porn site wants her help her financially and has offered her a job.

xHamster’s Vice President Alex Hawkins wants to help Sophie Brussaux in whatever way they can. In a blog postblog post, he says that searches for Rosee Divine (Brussaux’s stage name) spiked by 2700% since Pusha T dropped “The Story Of Adidon.”

“Searches for porn star Rosee Divine surged over 2700% after the one-time Drake paramour and alleged babymama was outed by Pusha-T in a new dis track,” it reads. Hawkins continues to say that he’s interested in working with her in the future.

“Rosee may be young, but she’s also now technically a MILF — meaning she hits the ultimate demographic convergence. She’s also incredibly beautiful, and relatable both to men and women. We’re reaching out to her to see if she’d be interested in serving as xHamster official spokesmodel. Since we don’t know if Drake will be paying related support, we’d love to do what we can to help support her.”

It’s highly unlikely that she needs the job at this point, especially since she’s also a full time artist and allegedly getting some checks from Aubrey but it’s a noble gesture.

We’re still waiting on Drake’s response to Pusha T. Apparently, he’s ready to “deal with the situation.”