The Cranberries singer suffered from ‘terrible self-loathing’ after being sexually abused from the age of eight
Dolores O’Riordan struggled with addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills.
The Cranberries singer – who was found dead on Monday at the age of 46 – used booze and tablets to block out “bad memories” of her traumatic childhood.
From the age of eight, Dolores was routinely raped and molested in her own home by someone in a position of trust.

I have a bad day when I have bad memories and I can’t control them and I hit the bottle

In one interview she revealed she couldn’t have sleeping pills around

because if I have a few drinks I’ll take them.

Her friend, journalist Barry Egan, added:

She’s an absolute mess when she’s drunk – dangerous to herself.
The dark stuff in her head boils up to the surface with drink, and comes out in a nasty black tempest of inner turmoil and rage.

In 2014 she told the Belfast Telegraph she suffered from a “terrible self-loathing” after being sexually abused as a child.
Dolores subsequently developed anorexia, and in the interview admitted that she “tried to overdose” in 2013.

She said: “It manifested itself in my behaviour and the pathologies I began to develop in my early adult life, such as my eating disorder, depression and eventually the breakdowns.”
Of her suicide attempt, she added: “I tried to overdose last year…I suppose I am meant to stay here for the kids.”
Her body was discovered when staff at the Hilton on Park Lane in London went into her room thinking it was empty.
Meanwhile, the singer’s niece Elaine O’Riordan has taken to Facebook to pay tribute to her “Auntie Lolo”.

“Words can’t describe the shock and sadness, we are all feeling. Watch over Dad, Nana and all your brothers and sisters and kids. It’s going to be a very tough road ahead at your loss, we all love you xxx,” she wrote on Facebook.
“I’m sure you and granddad will have a great time up in heaven together. Until we meet again xxx. Only one Auntie Lolo, you will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace. Love you xxx Still doesn’t feel real xoxoxo.”
Her death is not being treated as suspicious, police confirmed yesterday.
The Metropolitan Police in London said its preliminary investigation has not thrown up anything suspicious, and Dolores’ case will now be sent to the local coroner.
The family of the mum-of-three, from Limerick in Ireland, are said to be ‘devastated’ by her death.