This list will help you get rid of bad habits you had in 2017, to make 2018 a great year full of success and happiness. 

1. Bad friends

If you have friends who never reach out to you first, use you, or are just plain awful, it’s time to kick them to the curb.

2. Anyone who doesn’t support your dreams

People who make fun of your goals and don’t support your ambitions do not deserve a place in your life.

3. Procrastination/lazinepross

It’s so easy to push off doing what needs to get done and to save it for tomorrow- except when tomorrow becomes the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

4. That job you hate

QUIT PLEASE! you will always do your best in something you love and your actually passionate about.

5. Drama

Drama is so last year and not worth anyone’s time.

6. Spending money on useless things

It is nearly impossible to save your money, but I promise if you stop spending bills like they grows on trees, you’ll be thankful.

7. Toxic Relationships

If you know it’s toxic, 2018 is time to let go.

8. Sexism

Women can do anything, and if you don’t think so, your just STUPID.

9. Complaining

Everyone complains, and it’s hard not to, but use the new year as a time to appreciate all the good in your life. Complaining just starts to get annoying.

10. Waking up at 12pm or later

Try waking up earlier. You will have more time to get things done and won’t be missing out on half the day.

11. Playing it safe

Nothing good ever comes from doing what is expected. Take Risks. Say yes.


12. Your phone obsession

Think about it we can spend time on social media when our legs cant carry us no more, but for now just explore the world.

13. Excuses

Your excuses are getting old and lame. If you want something done, just do it!

14. Fear

Fear can be scary sometimes. Whether is fear or rejection, heights, or doing something you’ve never done before, we’ve all been there. The only thing we really have to fear is fear itself.

15. Trying to impress everyone you meet

Not everyone you meet is going to like you and that’s okay.

16. Judging others and letting other people judge you

Who really cares about what you say or do anyway?