In years past, Taylor Swift has sent home-wrapped Christmas gifts to her fans and invited them to her apartment for intimate album listening parties.Last week, Taylor surprised a British fan named Lara by commenting on her Instagram live stream. But that was just the beginning. On Wednesday (October 11), the pop star went to Lara’s house for a surprise visit that left the adorable fan thoroughly shook. Recounting the story on Instagram, Lara explained that Taylor Nation got in touch with her last week and asked for her address, explaining that they wanted to send her a package.

“I was sitting on my windowsill, and I was just waiting for the package to arrive,” Lara explained. “And then I saw this car pull up … and this blonde goddess stepped out of the car. So I’ve just met — I’m shaking so much — I’ve just met the woman who made the biggest impact on my life and I was able to thank her. Guys, this means the world to me and nothing could beat this.”

Watch Lara excitedly recount the whole meeting below, and swipe through to see her selfies with Taylor.

Clearly, Lara’s a dedicated superfan — eagle-eyed Swifties will probably notice the “13” written on her hand and the tour bracelets on her wrist. And now she has even more merch to model. Along with meeting her idol, Lara also got a package of clothes and goodies for Taylor’s upcoming sixth album, Reputation. Oh, and she got to watch Taylor (attempt to) play with her cats. Talk about GOALS.