Justin Bieber is in the middle of a terrible week between the cancelation of his world tour, China banning his entry based on his “bad behavior,” and a really unfortunate incident that involved his truck, a paparazzo, and both of them very much so being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Wednesday night (July 26), TMZ reports that Bieber was leaving a City Church event when the paps swarmed his truck as he made his way out of the Saban Theater in Los Angeles. The right front wheel of Bieber’s truck took out a photographer, and Bieber stayed by the photographer’s side until the paramedics and cops arrived. (TMZ has video of the entire incident as well as the aftermath.)

According to TMZ, Bieber wasn’t cited for anything, and only left the scene after he’d given his statement to the police. It’s an unfortunate accident, to be sure, but all’s well that ends well considering the pap sustained non-life-threatening injuries and all