Beliebers across India, were counting the hours and minutes before their favourite pop star Justin Bieber would take the stage for the first time in India on May 10 in aamchi Mumbai. The much-hyped Mumbai concert of his ‘Purpose’ tour happened at the DY Patil Stadium, where he belted out all his popular hits to a crowd of reportedly more than 40,000
But fans were left angered and disappointed by his lack of effort in his choice of wardrobe for the entire concert. Performing in what looked like his gym kit, and the only variance ,was in a different t-shirt colour  from white to red.
Not to add fuel to the fire,  he was picked up on his Lip sinking efforts. Twitter erupted with some tweeting for him to ‘at least attempt 2 sync your lips’. After crowds paid huge amounts for tickets some were left angered and dissapointed. During the performance Justin addresses the crowd saying “Tonight’s turning out to be one of the best nights of my life,”