It’s the conspiracy theory that keeps coming back, its done full circle and here we have it! the Aril Levigne we originally knew and loved for hits such as ‘Complicated,’When you’re gone and ‘sk8r boy” is apparently dead and has been for at least thirteen years. Oh and the one you see every now and then is an impostor just for keeping up appearances.
Say What? I hear you say, it was all started by a Brazilian Avril Lavigne fan page, the idea goes that after the release of her 2002 debut album, Avril couldn’t handle the pressures of fame and began using a body double called Melissa.

Not long had she began work on her second album, the page claims that Avril fell into a deep depression and was later found dead at her home by her record company.The company then began using Melissa as the real Avril – who then apparently begins leaking details of Avril’s death via song lyrics, album booklets, and promotional materials, including clothing.
Now is Melissa an alter ego or a body double you decide. I almost started to believe it but see for yourself, I mean its not like celebs get plastic surgery or lazer treatments or dye their hair or heaven forbid GET OLD and grow up! or anything like that is it?