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31 May 2018

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Babylon Reports – Iraqi Elections cancellations, Russian journalist resurfaces, BTS takes over US

Written by on 31 May 2018

Iraq’s electoral commission nullified results from over 1,000 polling stations after receiving hundreds of complaints. At the same time, parliament is discussing a bill that would require a manual recount of all votes. Acting on nearly 2,000 complaints of voting irregularities, the Commissioners Council of the electoral commission cancelled election results from 1,021 polling stations from […]

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30 May 2018

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Babylon Reports – Iran airplane crash, Russian journalist shot, Fortnite sued by PUBG

Written by on 30 May 2018

An ultra-light aircraft crashed at Imam Khomeini airport in Tehran on Tuesday night, killing one and injuring two. Initial reports indicate six people were aboard the plane which was carrying out a training mission before it crashed at 7 p.m. Suburban Tehran has already witnessed such incidents over the past years. Meanwhile, Russian journalist Arkady […]

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