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Nuclear Deal

16 August 2017

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Babylon Reports – Iran threatens nuclear deal, Basra Governor flees, Tombs discovered in Egypt

Written by on 16 August 2017

Political drama as Iran’s president has warned that it could restart its nuclear programme “within hours” if the United States imposes any new sanctions. Hassan Rouhani also said the programme would be more advanced than in 2015, when Iran curbed its nuclear activities as part of a deal with world powers. At the same time, an Iranian […]

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18 May 2017

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Babylon Reports – KRG to get helicopters, Iran nuclear sanctions relief, Japanese Princess to lose status

Written by on 18 May 2017

Chief of Staff of the Peshmerga Ministry Jabar Yawar has announced that a main point of the Peshmerga project under the oversight of the US, the UK and Germany is a provision for obtaining helicopters. The creation of an air wing for the Ministry would be used to transfer wounded soldiers and attend to the […]

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