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23 January 2018

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Babylon Reports – Pence in Israel, Barzani to meet Abadi in Davos, Neil Diamond retires

Written by on 23 January 2018

The US embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem before the end of 2019, Vice-President Mike Pence has said. The date is earlier than some had expected when President Donald Trump declared last month that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital and ordered the start of preparations for the embassy move. Pence made the announcement in […]

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14 December 2017

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Babylon Reports – NGO asks airport ban lift, OIC says East Jerusalem capital Palestine, Egypt jails singer

Written by on 14 December 2017

Dozens of humanitarian organizations on Wednesday sent a request to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to lift the international flight ban on airports in the Kurdistan Region. Seventy-seven aid organizations signed a statement addressed to the Government of Iraq, and to Prime Minister Abadi. The statement called on the Iraqi government to lift the flight […]

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25 July 2017

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Babylon Reports – Metal detectors taken down in Jerusalem, Mosul monument at Khasfa pit, Princess Diana new documentary

Written by on 25 July 2017

Finally, a move looking to deescalate tensions between Middle Eastern nations. Israel is removing metal detectors from a holy site in Jerusalem and will use less obtrusive surveillance instead. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet voted for the move early on Tuesday. Tensions rose after two Israeli policemen were killed on 14 July at the […]

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