Some people would do anything for love. German authorities are trying to find out if a 16-year-old who converted to Islam and disappeared from her home near Dresden last year is one of 20 women found in a tunnel in Iraq. Five German women being held by security forces in Iraq are reportedly part of a group of 20 female fighters with the “Islamic State,” captured in Mosul’s Old city last week. In addition to the German nationals, the group included three Russian, three Turkish and two Canadian citizens, according to first reports. Iraqi forces suggested the women were working as police for ISIS and had been hiding in a system of tunnels built by the extremist group.

Karaba nya? Well you might not be the only one. Iran’s deputy minister announced on Tuesday Iraq still owes $800 million to the Islamic Republic in electricity debt. Iraq is expected to pay $500 million to Iran within the next two weeks. The $800-million-dollar debt was accrued over the past four months alone, but Iran claimed it will continue to supply electricity to the Iraqi grid despite having suspended power supplies in January. It is believed that the average Iraqi household receives power for just 7.6 hours a day.

Lastly, if you enjoy 50-degree weather, boy do I have the vacation spot for you. Workers at Iraq’s South Oil Company are turning Basra’s oldest oil distribution station into a recreational resort. Located on the Shatt-al-Arab river separating Iraq and Iran, a new tourist resort is being built. The resort will apparently house a number of chalets, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, high-end restaurants, an amusement park, a zoo and an aquarium. Work on the resort is expected to be completed in 2018.