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Tracy Fenton is from northern England, and found herself in the Kurdistan Region in 2016. Listen to her journey as she talks about her work at Univerisity of Kurdistan-Hawler’s Holistic Art Center. Her friend Kate Gaj also works there.  

Mazin from Cafe Barbera joined the Breakfast Club to talk about the Wahshi Jacket. To know more about it check out the interview click here.

Toni Ezero talked to Babylon FM about his new hot single! Last year, he beat out 600 other sons in order to make it to the 2017 Babylon TOP100 with Balkano. He checks in this month with a hot new track; MOTHERLAND! Listen to it in any platform right here.

Namo joined the Breakfast club to talk about Nishtiman Youth Network big event in Hawler, Slemani and Baghdad. Nishtiman Youth Network (NYN) is the largest volunteerism network in Kurdistan Region of Iraq that runs development programs with volunteers to learn and contribute their skills to create a positive change. The Network will work on activities […]

Sham all the way from Germany talked to Babylon FM, she talked about the Kteb Club. It’s the first online Kurdish book club. check out the Interview click here.

Rahel joined the Breakfast Club to talk about Sparks Ignites. SPARK develops higher education and entrepreneurship to empower young, ambitious people to lead their fragile, conflict affected societies into prosperity.

Basima joined the Breakfast Club to talk about the KESK, KESK is the first initiative established to embrace the concept of green design and construction in Iraq.

Dr. Hiwa joined the Breakfast Club to talk about today’s World Cancer Day Event from 11 to 5 at Saad Abdullah hall, the event is for rising money for the Kids who got cancer, anyone who can help, please just join the event and help them as much as you can, to know more about […]

Payam has truly inspirational story. moved to the US at the age of 10, she slowly found her way in this foreign land and started her journey on giving back to the community. Listen to her talk about how that US Congress rewarded her for her effort. Payam is currently a med student in Slemani.

Dr. Khurshid and Dr. Shaho joined the Breakfast club to talk about Nova Dental Center, it’s the best Dental center in Iraq, for more information about the dental center click here.

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