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Gunter joined the Breakfast Club to talk about October fest. Deutscher Hof Erbil is celebrating the Day of German Unity at German Restaurant & Beer Garden in Ainkawa. 28 Years of German Reunion and they will celebrate with everyone at German Bar, October 3rd Germany’s Reunion Day and October 4th to 6st is THE ORIGINAL […]

The young 17 years old kick boxer girl Lina Jamal joined the Breakfast Club to talk about her hobby, experiences and strength at Kick boxing that she joined the big champaign ship that happened in Erbil afew weeks ago, she fought with an international experienced 29 years old woman from Turkey. She trains at Black […]

Zheer is a really young boy, he joined the Breakfast Club to talk about his talents. He is a Landscape  Photographer, he draws, he tries to learn more and he learned everything by himself and he is trying to get into music he likes to learn Drams and he loves to do DJ. listen to […]

The young beautiful Lady Zino Mohammad Joined The Breakfast Club on the phone. She joined the Idol Norge. and she has an amazing great voice. She impressed everyone!

Haytham and Sardar the two great musicians joined The Breakfast Club. Haytham is from Lebanon and Sardar is from Kurdistan they mix their culture in music and they play a really amazing melodies together. listen to their Kind story here!

A young Germany group came to Kurdistan to visit and see the beautiful land of Kurdistan. They have been here almost for 2 weeks and they already visited most of the beautiful places and mountains. listen to their speeches about how amazing is being here!

Daner Joined the Breakfast Club to talk about the Kurdish game Kawa & Khaje. He is a Game Developer at Fastwares. Kawa & Khaje is a platformer game inspired by Kurdish Culture! The Game is available now on App Store & Google Play Developed & Published by Fastwares categories. Play as Kawa or Khaje and […]

Seivan Behdinan is making a wonderful thing for the ones who has pets. she takes photo shoots for pets with their owners or anyone who loves to take photos with animals. The Event starts from today at 5pm until Wednesday in Tango Cafe in Sipan Hotel.

Veronica from Sicily Island in Italy joined the Breakfast Club. It’s been 3 years she has been here in Kurdistan, she talks about her experiences in here and Italy. Listen to her story, click below.

The young Kick Boxer Namo Fazil joined the Breakfast club to talk about his power and experiences. He is only 21 years old, he trains 5 or 6 hours a day. listen to him here, click below.

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