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21 May 2018

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Babylon Reports – Rumors of new Iraqi government soon, Iraqi Catholic patriarch promoted, YouTube Music to come soon

Written by on 21 May 2018

The Spokesman for Al-Hikma list Sunday claimed a coalition would be formed in the next 72 hours between Sairoon, Fatih, Al-Hikma and Nasr to form government. The rumors haven’t been confirmed but Muqtada al-Sadr, the biggest winner in the elections, has already met with all three leaders of the other parties. He has also called […]

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25 October 2017

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Babylon Reports – Referendum result freeze, Christians displaced in Nineveh Plains, Iran border reopening

Written by on 25 October 2017

One month later, the KRG has offered to freeze the results of the referendum to allow negotiations with Baghdad to begin. The KRG early Wednesday morning put out a statement calling for the immediate ceasefire and halt of all military operations in disputed areas, and that it would freeze the results to have an open […]

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