• El Fasolia – 2019.03.11


    Gozde hits us with another amazing El Fasolia episode filled with amazing latino music.

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  • El Fasolia – 2019.01.14


    Gozde, again with her joyful El Fasolia show, but this time is different. Gozde brings out multiple guests, and plays songs from all around the latino world.

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  • Honduras

    2018-09-24  /  WITH GOZDE


    New wave of artists, from Honduras, at tonight’s “El Fasolia” show on Babylon FM with our special guest Lenin G.

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  • El Fasolia and Urban Beats Reggae Splash – 2018.09.10


  • El Fasolia – 2018.07.23 Alternative playlist from Colombia

    2018-07-23  /  WITH GOZDE

    special show on El Fasolia was with Javier Manrique Sanabria, one of our regulars, representing Bogota with his alternative playlist from Colombia

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  • El Fasolia – 2018.06.11 Latin America Addition

    2018-06-11  /  WITH GOZDE

    El Fasolia show plays Latin America songs. and there is a special guest Jay DaVinci is in the house with Noor, Daniel and Emmanuel Maduike. Gozde takes over Babyon FM with amazing songs. Noor on the Controls.

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  • El Fasolia – 2018.05.04 FIFA World Cup 2018!

    2018-06-04  /  WITH GOZDE AND JAY

    Gozde is back and she presents a really special show. “El Fasolia” show covers music from all Latin American countries qualified for the World Cup 2018! Check out more about the show to warm up for a great world cup experience with Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Brasil, Costa Rica, Argentina, Panama, and Mexico with our very […]

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  • El Fasolia – 2018.05.14 Playing Every Types of Latina Music

    2018-05-14  /  WITH GOZDE

    Gozde after a small breaking show she came back to Kurdistan, and she presented a special El Fasolia show. she plays a potpourri of latin american tunes! Noor on the Controls.

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  • El Fasolia – 2018.04.23 Gozde with Special Guests

    2018-04-23  /  WITH GOZDE

    Gozde, Mariolo and Paula take over the El Fasolia show. Daniel on the Controls.

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  • El Fasolia – 2018.04.16 Uruguay

    2018-04-16  /  WITH GOZDE

    Gozde and Gaby España talk about Uruguay country and their music, Daniel on the Controls.

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