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Shne and Taiba about the White Party

14 September 2023

We were delighted to have Shne and Taiba as special guests to discuss the upcoming 7th anniversary of the White Party at Rotana. This annual event promises to be bigger and better than ever before, and our guests were here to give us an exciting sneak peek into all the new and exhilarating elements they […]

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Bahasht fom BrightCastle Motors

14 September 2023

In our recent podcast episode, Bahasht from BrightCastle Motors shared her invaluable insights on being a woman in the motor industry, recounting her internship experiences and unveiling some thrilling new projects in the pipeline for the company. Her journey and contributions in this traditionally male-dominated field serve as an inspiration to many. Click here for […]

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Health Fest: Free Blood Tests & Awareness by HMU Students & IFMSA-Kurdistan

16 August 2023

Ahmed and Sidra, medical students from HMU, are teaming up with IFMSA-Kurdistan to host a health festival on August 17-18, from 6 to 10 pm at Sami Abdulrahman Park. This event aims to provide free blood tests for the public and raise awareness about important health issues. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit and participate! […]

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Doctors on Parasol Project

13 August 2023

Medical students made a noteworthy appearance on the show to discuss their innovative initiative, the Parasol Project. This undertaking aims to promote the adoption of a simple yet effective practice: utilizing umbrellas while walking outdoors in the sun, specifically targeting residents of the KRI and Iraq as a whole. With a keen understanding of the […]

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US CG Irvin Hicks Jr. on the 4th of July

4 July 2023

US CG Irvin Hicks joined the Breakfast Club to celebrate the 4th of July, emphasizing its importance in American history. He shared a curated playlist that filled the airwaves with patriotic melodies, uniting the audience in their appreciation for the nation’s independence. Hicks’ passionate speech and heartfelt music created a vibrant tribute to the sacrifices […]

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Whispering Walls by Choman Hardi

14 June 2023

Dr. Choman Hardi is an educator, writer, and scholar who has made significant contributions to gender studies and education. After spending 26 years in exile, she returned to Iraq in 2014 and became a professor at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. She founded the Center for Gender and Development Studies at the university and […]

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