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Breakfast Club – Dr. Bnar S. Shekho

19 October 2021

Listen to Dr. Bnar S. Sheko talking about the awareness campaigns for breast cancer month and what are the steps to keep yourself and loved ones safe. Clıck here to listen to the interview.

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Buffalo Wings & Rings’ one million challenge

7 October 2021

Buffalo Wings & Rings in Erbil has kicked off the month of October with a bang! On the 2nd of the month, a one million sauce competition’s was held to determine who was the number one spicy food lover. With 40 participants and more than 100 supporters on hand, the event began with loud sirens […]

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Breakfast Club – Halo Taktaki from Grma Music Festival

21 September 2021

Halo and his team are setting up one of the largest festivals Erbil has ever seen! The Grma Music Festival is set to happen soon with top stars. Listen to the interview. Click here to listen to the interview.

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Breakfast Club – UKH PR director Karokh Nuraddin

21 September 2021

Karokh is the director of public relations at UKH! He is also an alumni from there and strongly believes in the university’s system. Listen to him as he talks about the future in UKH and current opportunities. You can still apply now for a bachelor’s or master’s program in order to begin next month!  Click […]

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Breakfast Club – Kurdonoid

19 September 2021

Kurdonoid is one of our favorite DJs in the city and he released a new 3-track EP! Listen to him talk about it and what exactly is futuristic music! Click here to listen to the interview.  

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Breakfast Club – interview nightlife manager Leo Rebaz

14 September 2021

Leo Rebaz is visiting Erbil from Denmark! He’s been working in the nightclub scene for the past 10 years, managing award winning clubs. Not seeing Erbil for 10 years now, he’s looking to reconnect with his roots here!  Click here to listen to the interview.  

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