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Staff from KurdistanIN

18 August 2022

Khazan Jangiz, Armanj Ahmad, Julia Zimmermann, Araon Weitraub, and Dida Faridoon joined the Breakfast Club to talk about KurdistanIN. KurdistanIN is a digital platform that delivers content on contemporary Kurdish culture, history and affairs.  Click Here to listen to the full interview.

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Karam and Aya from Furry Cat Cafe

17 August 2022

Karam and Aya joined the Breakfast Club to talk about the Furry Cat Cafe. This is the first Cat Cafe in Erbil where people get to enjoy the food whilst cats are walking around. They have got 22 cats! To know more about this unique new place, listen to the interview full interview here.

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John, Zainab and Mo from YES ACADEMY

11 August 2022

John along with his students Zainab and Mo joined the Breakfast Club to talk all about YES Academy. YES Academy is a  dance school where youth all over Iraq can join and explore/practice all different types of dance and it’s artistic side. Click here for the full interview.

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Nassir From BISK

7 August 2022

Nassir joined the Breakfast Club to give us all the details about British International School and what sets it apart from other schools in Erbil. He talked about the inclusivity and the care provided for special need children. Click here for the full interview.

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Buffalo King of Wings Contest!

1 August 2022

PRESS RELEASE On the 29th of July 2022, Buffalo Wings & Rings Erbil held another amazing event, this time with “The King Of Wings” Contest. The event’s goal was to keep Erbil fun nights going as well as to determine who is the quickest wings eater! With 33 participants and more than 100 supporters on […]

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Mia and Nadin talk about vanlife

31 July 2022

Mia and Nadin have been traveling the world in their van/truck for almost 9 years. They told us about their journey to Kurdistan and all the amazing adventures. Listen to how Mia accidentally became famous in a foreign country ! Click here to listen.

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