A man shot his wife dead outside a court on Sunday where they were processing a divorce. The incident took place in the parking lot of the Erbil Court of Law after the couple’s fourth divorce session. The man shot his wife six times, police said. Abdul Khaliq Talaat, Head of the Erbil Police Department, said the suspect was arrested at the scene and charged with first-degree murder. A further investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The Pope apologized for arriving late for his weekly prayers at St. Peter’s Square and said he was stuck in an elevator in the Vatican. Pope Francis, 82, said he was stuck in the elevator for 25 minutes due to power outages before firefighters stepped in and out. “I have to apologize for the delay,” the smiling pope said at the beginning of his sermon, then asked the public to greet the firefighters.

Actor-comedian Kevin Hart and two others were involved in a car crash in Calabasas, California early Sunday. Hart and the driver, Jared Black, sustained “major back injuries” and were transported to nearby hospitals for treatment. Reports say the driver  lost control of the vehicle and It went off the road and rolled down an embankment. Patrol officers determined that Black was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision