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This time, the special guests are brothers. Shahez and Namo are both contesting in the Babylon X Fighting (Boxing). They speak about the event that is happening, their life, and martial arts.

The well known Instagrammer Robert joins today’s episode and speaks about all the countries he has been to and speaks about his travelling life and experience in Erbil. Surprisingly, Robert is visited over 75% of the world’s countries.

Photographer Simon Chang joins us in this episode and speaks on his personal photography life and mission. Chang also reflects on the importance of travelling in this Era.

Renske de Haan and Michelle Menick from holland, a duo working on a documentary. Renske and Michelle speak on the goal of their documentary and more interesting information about themselves and why they are visiting.

Omar and Zewar from the hope foundation. BHHF’s primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, as well as to give the most vulnerable group (refugee children) hope for the future.  

This is not the first interview with Dominique Mas. Dominique was present on our show before speaking on his mission in the region of Kurdistan as a french consulate. In this episode Dominique joins and speaks about the multiple events being set up by the French Consul.

MDC offers you a wide range of preventive medical profiles to assist you with your health check needs. Zheer from MDC joins todays episode and speaks about his position in MDC and further interesting details about himself.

Dara Hawizi, a 16 year old student from Cambridge International School, joins today’s episode to speak about the World’s Scholars Cup, which is an international tournament that tests the student’s general knowledge (that he ended up winning).

Mirna, a member of the color festival managers, joins Babylon FM and gives us a brief background, plus further details about the colour festival happening this month.

Dr.Alaa and Dr.Majeed from LST joined our 7th birthday. LST is a medical services provider that offers a range of medical and training modules.

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