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Sherry, a member from the Dedeman hotel, joins the show and speaks about her life, Dedeman, about the current situation in Syria, and much more.

Classic Rock Cafe serves the most amazing coffee and the most amazing meals at the most amazing atmosphere. Check out the interview with the owner’s and their take.

In our community, smoking has been a very bad habit for years. There is almost no laws that restrict it, and very few awareness campaigns. However, in this episode, Sara Dogramaci joins us to talk about the cons of smoking.

Majd and Abbas from Rotana join the show and talk about Rotana itself and the upcoming events.

Zinah has a project in the process, called Let’s Be Friends. The project connects youth through art.

Mawj Aldarraji is a professional mountain climber. She speaks about her mountain climbing experience and other interesting topics.

In this episode, the hosts bring out Mohamed Mokbel to talk about ONYX’s 5 year anniversary.

Mazin from Korek joins the breakfast club to speak about the IT Lab.

David from Hawa Jobs speaks about the purpose of such company. Their goal is to make the process of finding jobs easier.

Dara joins the breakfast club to speak about the Orchestra event being set up by him and his team.

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