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Ali performs Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt” on the Breakfast Club and he’s only 13 years-old!

Satar from Erbil Marathon talks to the Breakfast Club about how you can buy your tickets (3,000IQD) and register for the charity marathon this Friday!

Susakan and Mirna from TEDX Nishtiman Women event talk to the Breakfast Club about the exciting lineup of speakers they will have on November 3. Make sure to register to the event before it’s too late.  

Mamosta Areen from the Erbil Engineers’ Technical University talks about motivating young minds during such uncertain times and getting the youth to become more engaged in changing society.

Dilvan is a recent University of Salahaddin graduate from the college of Agriculture. She has been inspired to right poems since middle school, and now has an Instagram page with thousands of followers, including her own grandfather! She describes herself as a ”dark poet.” We even read one of them on our segment of the […]

Lelav talks about how to help the people from Kerkuk.

Ghazal talks about that almost 2 Halloween parties are happening this weekend.

Cameraman Hawre Khalid talks about the events in Kerkuk while he was in Kerkuk During the fighting to capture every moments, and he talks how he saved some Peshmargas!

Goran From Rwanga Awards has joined The Breakfast Club to talk about a competition for the people between 15-25 ages. Everyone can join and show their talents in different categories

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