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We had a talented young raper Rodan on The Breakfast Club this morning, Rodan talks about his new song and he had the Referendum song two months ago.

Norina and Zanina called Beverly’s Nail and Spa for an appointment to fix their ugly selves! As always, Arazu was very helpful and uplifted the girls. They made an appointment and they’ll be at the Beverly’s 2 year anniversary today! Check out all the new services they have now. Located on Bakhtiyari Street.

Hopeful Hands is a sewing project of the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church/Erbil in collaboration with Insaf Safou that is helping Syrian and IDP women learn a new skill. It initially started as a 4 week course that teaches the basic skills of cutting fabric, using sewing scissors, Learning how to use sewing machines to […]

Kris James joined The Breakfast Club to cover a few songs. Kris was born in Los Angeles, but has spend most of his life outside of California. He moved to Erbil a few months ago, to do an internship in the KRG. He is currently a university student in Paris, France. He covered three songs […]

Huda joined The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about those beautiful handmade candles. The Candles inspired from the Kurdish culture, they can provide anyone as a costume and made candles for special events and your loved one.

Last chance for Rwanga Awards registration, Goran talked about the Rwanga Awards Deadline, for more information visit and check the interview below. The Rwanga Awards Deadline is on 10.Nov.2017 in Saad Abdulla hall, Hurry up register and show your talent. See you all there!    

What is Kurdcoin – كوردكۆین? Is bitcoin the future!? People are making major money off of it. KurdCoin is your number one choice for buying and trading electronic currencies (cryptocurrencies) in Kurdistan and Iraq. They buy and sell Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple and other currencies at the best rates.

Lots of changes in the Middle East as 11 princes and dozens of current and former ministers were arrested on charges of corruption in Saudi Arabia. The detentions came hours after the new committee, headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was formed by royal decree. Prince Mohammed, who already serves as defense minister, now […]

This November Masters Cooperation is challenging every Gentleman to take on the MOVEMBER challenge in support of raising awareness for men’s health! In Middle East in General our young men are not educated on the prostate cancer and men’s mental health! So to raise this issue and to Support this amazing cause we are asking […]

Gashaw From Pekawa Gashbin joined The Breakfast Club this morning to talk about her motivating facebook page as well as ways of empowering women in our society. Growing up in Finland, Gashaw currently lives in London and misses her family back in Erbil very much! Her hear interview right here:

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