• The Lion’s Den – 2018.07.30 [Numbers]

    2018-07-30  /  Daniel

    For the 75th episode, we’re listening to NUMBERS. Every song has a number in the title; you can count on Daniel.

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  • The Lion’s Den – 2018.07.09 [Despair]

    2018-07-09  /  Daniel

    And now, SONGS OF DESPAIR. All kinds of sadness. Come cry.

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  • The Lion’s Den – 2018.10.08 [Piano Songs]

    2018-10-08  /  Daniel

    This week’s oldies show is songs with PIANO. Whether the main instrument or just a nice background part, it’s all about ticklin’ the ivories.

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  • The Lion’s Den – 2018.09.03 [Instrumentals]

    2018-09-03  /  Daniel

    On this week’s show, we’re not inviting the singers. It’s an all INSTRUMENTAL show, to give the hard-working musicians a little time in the spotlight. It also includes some songs you know, but without the vocal track.

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  • The Lion’s Den – 2018.07.02 [Animals]

    2018-07-02  /  Daniel

    This week’s program is songs with ANIMALS in the title. Hooves, paws, or fins – everyone’s welcome.

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  • The Lion’s Den – 2018.06.18 [Songs of Our Fathers]

    2018-06-18  /  Daniel

    SONGS OF OUR FATHERS, a show consisting of songs about, for, or critical of dads. (So many negative ones… Nice going, dads!)

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  • The Lion’s Den – 2018.06.11 [Music of 1968, Part 2]

    2018-06-11  /  Daniel

    MUSIC OF 1968: PART #2 Peppered with vintage news, ads, and public service announcements from exactly 50 years ago.

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  • The Lion’s Den – [Music of 1968, Part 1]

    2018-06-04  /  Daniel

    MUSIC OF 1968, along with some news, commercials, etc. Quite a year.

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  • 2018.05.21 [Murder Songs]

    1970-01-01  /  Daniel

    MURDER SONGS, a retooling of one of my favorite past programs. Includes traditional murder ballads and the Beach Boys song actually written by Charles Manson.

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  • 2018.05.14 [Mothers]

    1970-01-01  /  Daniel

    For MOTHER’S DAY, seven decades of great songs dedicated to our female forebears, plus a few lousy ones.

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