Karim Wasfi the Legendary music composer performs amazingly.

Karim Wasfi the legendary music composer joined The Breakfast Club, he plays the cello  and works for peace through Arts Foundation. Karim Wasfi has a Center For Creativity called PEACE THROUGH ARTS.

10. Amra Silajdžic – Edin Džeko’s Girlfriend Amra Silajdžic is a model and actress of Bosnian origin born on 1 October 1984. At the young age of 16, she won the Elite Model in Paris. 9. Elena Gomez –  Javi Garcia’s Girlfriend Elena Gomez is the beautiful girlfriend of the defensive midfielder of Zenit St. Petersburg […]

Sweets by Mitmana ba Khomana are special. Their jams, lokum, fruit leather, syrups, basuk, baklawa, and other sweets are made in Shaqlawa, Baharka, Darashakran Camp, and Basirma Camp by entrepreneurs who have passed health and safety training to ensure the tastiest, cleanest, and most authentic products you can find. The Event is happening on Saturday […]

Talented Noor Strings joined the Breakfast Club, she talks about her unique arts she makes. Check out more about the interview and her works, click below.

Shahed Joined the Breakfast Club to perform some songs. She is a talented young girl, she is 19 years old and she can sing in 4 different languages. Check out more about her interview and performance, click below.

Finally free? Demi Lovato shared a pic of her new tattoo on social media four days after she revealed that she had relapsed six years into her sobriety. If you didn’t know, Demi Lovato admitted to her Addiction and Struggle With alcohol for a long time. “Free,” the 25-year-old singer’s new ink reads. The four-letter word is written in […]

Anna joined the Breakfast Club to talk about dancing and Zumba. She tries to make a dancing revolution with people to join dancing or Zumba classes. Check out more about the interview, click below.

Qubad Talabani joined the Breakfast Club to talk about his social media revival! He touches bases on various topics including the World Cup, issues facing the youth, and much more.

Deniz From Cambridge International School joined the Breakfast Club to talk about the new big updates of the school. All staff at Cambridge look forward to a new academic year 2017/2018 and they are excited to welcome a new academic year. Check out more about the interview, click below.

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