Cleanup Kurdistan team joined the breakfast Club to talk about the big day of cleaning all over the cities in Kurdistan on Saturday, they got lots of great volunteer people to help them to clean up the some places, and Babylon FM is going to be apart of it. if you want to be one […]

After Nicki Minaj and Cardi B got caught up in a massive brawl at a New York Fashion Week event this weekend, Nicki says Cardi was mistaken to think she had been criticizing her parenting skills. She finally addressed the incident on the Monday, September 10, episode of her Beats 1 show Queen Radio. “Let me just say this,” she began. “The other night, […]

las salim and Muhammad Kathim from the Black Mamba joined the Breakfast Club, a big event is happening this thursday evening at 8pm Erbil Fight Night in Onyx. they talk about their energy and activitates. Check out more about the interview, click below.

Talar and Andrew from Erbil Airport joined the Breakfast Club to talk about the things that happened and happens in the airport. Talar is the Director of International Erbil Airport and Andrew is an adviser. Check out more about the interview, click below.

Rapper Mac Miller has died aged just 26. he was found dead following an apparent overdose, TMZ reports. Mac, who was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had been having trouble with substance abuse recently following his break up from Ariana. He died on Friday at his Studio City, San Fernando Valley home.   Ariana has not yet […]

Dr.Zerrin Kamaran joined the Breakfast Club to give everyone some important basic advices to have a healthy teeth, and take care of them. listen to her advices.

The Kurdish legendary Daff Player Hajar Zahawy joined the Breakfast Club to talk about his experiences and the feelings about Daff instrument and the inspiration. listen to his interview here.

Ranya joined the Breakfast Club to talk about her helping activities, she is an activist who collections donations for the displaced and refugees in the region. Listen to her story.

The New US Consul Steve Fagen Joined the Breakfast Club. He talks about his experiences and life and he also talks about why would he choose Kurdistan to come and to be a Consul here. he talks about every beautiful things he has seen and been in last one month and half in here. Check […]

1CARDI BROUGHT HER “BABY” ONSTAGE Our first thought was, “Did she bring a baby onstage at the VMAs?!” But no. 2LOGIC SHARED THE STAGE TO DELIVER A BIG SOCIAL MESSAGE For their performance, socially-conscious rapper Logic and singer Ryan Tedder did a stirring rendition of their track “One Day.” 3NICKI MINAJ GAVE A POWERHOUSE PERFORMANCE […]

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