Steak Inn is a new restaurant in Erbil. they have every amazing kind of steaks burgers and more delicious meat meals. they service in the best way. Check out the interview, click below.

Jacob from The Donut World joined the Breakfast CLub to talk about the amazing Donut shop he opened. He talks about where the idea came from and how much delicious are the donuts, they have lots of different flavors and they are making more flavors very soon. Check out the interview. click here.

Huda from Lala Candles joined the Breakfast Club and she talks about how much progressed her brand after almost one year opening her Candle shop. Check out the interview here, click below.

Dick custin from US embassy in Baghdad joined the Breakfast club, it’s the first time he comes to Erbil. and he talks about every beautiful and amazing things he saw so far in Erbil. He talks about his background, when he was working in media.

Belia from The Book Cafe joined the Breakfast Club to talk about all these amazing offers that are coming up really soon, such as offering every one a chance to practice the language you love and wish to practice, while gathering with other lovely ladies over a nice and affordable breakfast in an atmosphere so […]

There’s only one thing wrong with DJ Snake’s summery new song “Taki Taki,” and that’s the fact that it arrives into the world on September 28, a full 99 days after Summer ’18 began. Nevertheless, the certified banger is still mandatory listening, and that’s thanks to its all-star roster: Snake, Ozuna, Cardi B, and Selena Gomez. We have been waiting for […]

Finally after 3 years, Taylor Swift will perform at an award show! Swift wll be performing on the American Music Awards on October 9.The pop star announced Tuesday morning (October 2) that she’s opening the AMAs next week with a performance of the Reputation banger “I Did Something Bad.” She and her kitty/bestie Meredith broke the news […]

Gunter joined the Breakfast Club to talk about October fest. Deutscher Hof Erbil is celebrating the Day of German Unity at German Restaurant & Beer Garden in Ainkawa. 28 Years of German Reunion and they will celebrate with everyone at German Bar, October 3rd Germany’s Reunion Day and October 4th to 6st is THE ORIGINAL […]

The young 17 years old kick boxer girl Lina Jamal joined the Breakfast Club to talk about her hobby, experiences and strength at Kick boxing that she joined the big champaign ship that happened in Erbil afew weeks ago, she fought with an international experienced 29 years old woman from Turkey. She trains at Black […]

Zheer is a really young boy, he joined the Breakfast Club to talk about his talents. He is a Landscape  Photographer, he draws, he tries to learn more and he learned everything by himself and he is trying to get into music he likes to learn Drams and he loves to do DJ. listen to […]

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