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Breakfast Club – 2018.12.09 Zinah From Save The Children

Written by on 9 December 2018

Zinah from Save The Children joined the Breakfast Club to talk about their organization. They work in around 120 countries. They save children’s lives; They fight for their rights; They help the children fulfill their potential. Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organisation for children & has been working with families, communities and […]

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Breakfast Club – 2018.12.04 Ramsina For Prosperity Catalyst

Written by on 4 December 2018

Ramsina joined the Breakfast Club to talk about an event that will happen on Thursday December 13. Prosperity Catalyst is a 501c3 organization that works to catalyze entrepreneurial opportunity for women in and from distressed parts of the world as a means to increase peace and prosperity. Check out more abut the interview below.

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Breakfast Club – 2018.11.28 Shamal Sabah From UKH

Written by on 28 November 2018

Shamal Sabah From UKH joined the Breakfast Club to talk about his amazing system that he Made for UKH students. Shamal is Deputy Manager -Software Developer at University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) and Freelance software and web developer at ChwarSoft. Check out more about the interview below.

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