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Interview with Tavan, aimed about her previous life, what is Very Hollywood, and further interesting facts about her life.  

The interview with Zahraa Hassan from Fastwares showed her hidden talent. Zahraa also spoke further on her life, and the people that influenced such decisions revolving around her journey to graphics design.

Interview with the US Consul General In Basra Timmy Davis, his take on Iraq, and more other interesting subjects.

Willem Cosijn, the Dutch Consul General visits us today and touch basis on many topics related to Erbil, and his personal takes on Erbil and what he finds special about it.

Asou And Dr. Sharif From Kurdistan Coaching Chapter, a very different concept being presented to Kurdistan. Coaching revolves around personality guidance.

Fun interview with Max and Paul about their placement in Erbil. They reflect on the interesting things they witness here, and their upcoming project in Beirut, where they will gather young people from neighboring countries.

Helen Baker has a different look on government jobs. Being an ex-government worker, she discusses why she chose to leave and how it made her working life better, leading to continuous progress.

Noor and Sansun get their hands on exclusive audio of 21 Savage getting arrested!

An art that can not be ignored by the young and talented Zina Jamal. Zina found her love for drawing at a very young age, and later on in her life she discovered her love for painting.

As we don’t usually consider our environment, the UKH Lecturer Hawkar Abdulhaq brings the impact of using non renewable energy into light.

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