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Evon and Sham from United Mix Media Founded in 2012. United Mix Media (UMM) is the largest legal broadcasting platform in Kurdistan operating under the Laws and Regulations of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Macarena and Zack, speak about their experience in Erbil, and further interesting details about themselves, and their previous life in the United States.

More talent and creativity every episode. Mustafa and Ibrahim, the founders of Tenusnotes. Tenusnotes products revolve around handcrafted notebooks, with very creative front page designs. Mustafa and Ibrahim give us brief background information and further interesting topics about their journey.

Suriyah from the Mercy Corner charity gets another interview today, mainly bringing attention to animal cruelty.

Interview with Noor from Oxfam Iraq. “Oxfam Iraq aims to build resilience in post conflict affected areas by rehabilitating existing basic services and providing longer term interventions”

Ali Sami from GDG, a community of developers who meet once a month to learn, collaborate, and explore more about technology.  

First guest to come in while renovations are in process. No worries though, the show still goes on, and a great conversation opens up with Akkad Saadi for Bet Kanu.

Probably some of you might be familiar with the recently posted colourful painting that attracted attention on our page… Well here we have our interview with Aya Yaser, the artist behind the paining.

Jacob from the one only Donut World breaks down his perspective on being apart of the team and reflects on certain occasions in his life.

Five One Labs is a NGO that provides smaller businesses with funds, and proper training. Nina spoke about her position in the company, and of course not only work related topics, but interesting topics as well.

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