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Majd and Abbas from Rotana join the show and talk about Rotana itself and the upcoming events.

Zinah has a project in the process, called Let’s Be Friends. The project connects youth through art.

Mawj Aldarraji is a professional mountain climber. She speaks about her mountain climbing experience and other interesting topics.

In this episode, the hosts bring out Mohamed Mokbel to talk about ONYX’s 5 year anniversary.

Mazin from Korek joins the breakfast club to speak about the IT Lab.

David from Hawa Jobs speaks about the purpose of such company. Their goal is to make the process of finding jobs easier.

Dara joins the breakfast club to speak about the Orchestra event being set up by him and his team.

Suleiman Kareem, a young programmer speaks about his past life, education, and the obstacles he went through to become the programmer he is today.

Zher, a professional PubG player, claims that he was apart of the PugG staff, and had a personal influence on the game. Zher speaks on when he started playing the game, why he started playing it, and also reflects on the addiction of gaming, whether it exists, or not.

Seivan Salim, a very talented artist from Erbil. She speaks about her projects that highlight the stories of yazidis women who were victims of ISIS.

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