Toastmasters Holds A Special Get-together in Erbil!

Toastmasters is one of the worlds leading classes to help people become more confident and deliver speeches and improve on their literature skills all around the world. This group has over 322,000 members signed up worldwide in a range of 135 different countries, Including Kurdistan. It started in 1922 with over 50,400 clubs. They educate you in skill sets that has not been taught in school, and it gives the members an advantage or competitors edge, increasing the chances drastically of becoming more successful and carrying a more variety of skills than others.

Toastmasters is an outstanding program for people of all ages and welcomes everyone to attend and be a part of this learning movement. Current members consist of HR and PR members within a company to University undergraduate students.

They excel in teaching members on how to speak more fluently, deliver speeches in an appropriate manner, what body language to use during speeches and delivering presentations. You are educated to give a variety of speeches including motivational, inspirational and educational. Members are taught about the importance of body language and how to use it in their advantage to connect with the audience. They enhance your critical thinking and teach you the necessity of good timing and how long to spend delivering specific parts of your presentation or speech.  All this leads and helps you become more fluent in your deliverance and builds your vocabulary, grammar and a whole variety of literature skills. They do this by having such things as ‘word of the day’ and having members pick out vocabulary mistakes within speeches and presentations along with small things that can be improved upon.

What Toastmasters does so well that no other class, company, or school does is helping build confidence. They help each member become more confident in not only in speaking, presenting and writing. But builds confidence  in everything they do. This gives members the ability to achieve and do things that they never thought was possible. A few members which I had spoken to, admitted to being afraid of presenting and having lack of confidence, yet now because of the class the fear has gone, and they feel more comfortable in a class and their daily life. They are able to speak and socialize with new people and use what they have learnt in the real world.

What makes this program so effective is the fact that all members work together to help improve one another. Members do not only give positive feedback, yet  also give constructive feedback on how one is able to improve for next time. It’s the idea that everyone in Toastmasters help each other reach their personal goals and improve themselves is what makes this group so different. They bring a sense of unification among one another. It allows members to set goals for themselves and achieve it within their own time, from the ones running the classes to the members sitting side by side to you.

This may all sound like you’re going back to high school again, but no. They only meet twice a month as a group to learn. The main difference is, you only move on to the next part of the curriculum, when you feel comfortable enough and believe that you have completed it to the best of your ability. Giving more time to master each part. Best of all, during  speeches and presentations, you are able to choose your own topic and talk about ANYTHING.

It is a group of people who do not judge based on opinions and ideologies, they support and respect each other. Helping build up peoples personalities by allowing them to be free and talk about what they want too.

The benefits of such a class and being a member is not just learning a wide skill set to use during your professional life such as work, or trying to get a job, but this type of education can be used on daily basis. It helps you become and possess leadership skills as well as giving opportunities to help people grow, personally and professionally.

Every member in Toastmasters is sociable and approachable which makes the class so much more enjoyable. It allows each member to learn from one another and it allows you to meet new people each and every time you attend. The friendliness of the members and workers is apparent from the second you walk in, as you are greeted with friendly faces and warm welcomes. They make you feel comfortable in their surroundings. Even though you are in a process of learning, it feels like you are among friends helping each other be successful and taking that extra step to help yourself and one another.

At the end of the program you receive a certificate which is recognized, and it sure does look good written on your CV. If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity to improve yourself and want to sign up or get more information visit here :

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